Small Volume Batch Filling

Small Batch Filling

Our entry level machine is the New Generation TableTop "C series". "C" for Compact. It is an ideal starter machine to allow you to progress from manual decanting to small batch filling.

It is suitable for liquids and pastes ranging from low viscosity such as water up to high viscosity such as a "Swarfega" type hand cleaner and anything in-between.

Each machine is sized by steps in volume such as 20 - 200ML, 30 - 300ml, 40 - 400ml and so on.

For larger volumes such as 1000ml it is possible to use a 50 - 500ml machine and perform 2 cycles of 500 ml into a 1000ml container or you can choose a 100 - 1000ml machine and perform 1 machine cycle. The disadvantage being, any volumes less than 100ml will have a slightly greater tolerance on weight and you might have to give away a gram or two, depending on the viscosity, to comply with minimum weight legislation. 

Each machine is equipped with a single cycle button or foot-switch and a Manual/Automatic switch should you wish to fill several containers in one batch.

Each filling nozzle and valve assembly is arranged as appropriate.

Designed and built in our workshop in Ripon North Yorkshire to British and European safety standards we guarantee total compliance and complete satisfaction.


Very often, people think by purchasing an attractively priced tabletop machine from Asia will solve their problems. Don't be duped into this minefield.   

These machines, may meet your needs initially, but do not comply with electrical safety standards. Very often they are downright dangerous. At least the ones we have examined are in any case.

We have been asked to service such machines and find they are not only potentially dangerous and low quality but often made with parts which are not standard in the UK/Europe.

Why go down this route when you can have local support for a high quality locally designed and built system where we can hold your hand through your 1st filing machine purchase for less than £1000 depending on specification.

Whilst we didnt invent the phrase or dont particularly like it, "its a no brainer"....

Above is an example of our basic tabletop volumetric machine.

Need help, give us a call. Delighted to supply you with a demo machine for your own evaluation on your own product on your own site.


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