Small Volume Batch Filling

Small Batch Filling

At entry level is our New Generation "E series". "E" represents Expandable. Following the concept of modular construction the Entry level machine can be Expanded by adding various modules as your business grows.

The video clip below is an example of our "Gravimetric" Nett Weight Filler suitable for up to 30 kg by means of Top Filling. (NWF30T). It is also available with a "Volumetric pump" depending on product requirements. We can advise the most effective method on initial consultation. 

The operator would select the desired weight in the controller, place an empty container on the weigh platform, press the start button to "tare" then the automatic filling cycle is completed which gives you the Nett weight in the container. Digital nett weight control is well known for its fill accuracy and eliminating product "give-away". 

When your production requirements eventually increase "driven conveyors" with position sensors can be added to speed things up. These allow you to free-up your personnel for other tasks such as placing Labels and Lids and of course placing the filled container onto the pallet while the filling operation continues.

In time, you can transform your Semi-Automatic machine into a Fully-Automatic "system" with the addition of Pick & Place lid placers and automatic Lid Press stations.


These are just some of the ways we help our customers to increase their "bottom line" and improve efficiencies with the New Generation "E series"

- all at an affordable cost

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