Medium volume Batch Filling equipment

​When your requirements are for higher capacity involving larger batches the New Generation "E Series" can be expanded quickly and conveniently to incorporate time saving facilities to allow your operator to get more done. 

The video below illustrates the benefits of such additions with the infeed & outfeed conveyor, lid press, side transfer onto an accumulating conveyor.

The next logical step to "Expand" this system is the addition of a lid placing machine.   

With the New Generation "E series" modular filling system, Expanding is simple and cost effective, keeping pace with your rising production demands.!


​Then we have various Bespoke solutions such as the one shown to the side here. 

The process of manually lidding with Latch Lever Lids can be tiresome and lead to RSI (Repetative Strain Injury)

Within the perimiter of the lid is a pvc foam seal which must be compressed to ensure the contents are secure from spilling.

Using the Latch Lever on the ring itself to force the lid closed is not the best solution as it leads to ring damage and un-even seal compression.

Using this Pneumatic Lid Press system with a "2 handed safety start" ensures the PVC foam seal is evenly compressed while allowing the operator to close the Latch quickly and easily.


Eliminates strain for the operator and guaranteeing a secure product.





Below is a floor plan of the filling systems shown in the above videos

A Medium Batch System (4,000 litres) with one operator shown loading and

unloading containers while taking care of the complete process

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